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No Identifying Logs
We can't personally identify you based on IP and timestamp.

We do not store any logs that can identify you and have never complied with a copyright or law enforcement agency request as we do not have any relevant data.

No Personal Data

We don’t keep connection logs, IP timestamps or session logs. Emails are optional at sign-up and you can pay via Crypto, which ensures we have absolutely no personally identifying information.

No Monitoring

We don’t monitor your activity and have no way of seeing what sites you are visiting. We do store when you last used Windscribe as well as the total amount of data used in a 30 day period (to enforce free account limitations and to prevent abuse).

Transparency Report

Our Transparency Report tracks real-time data requests from copyright and law enforcement agencies. To date, we have complied with zero requests, due to lack of relevant data.

Privacy Policy

Our easy-to-understand Privacy Policy outlines exactly what we do and don’t store in clear detail.

Mature Jurisdiction & Robust Legal Considerations

Windscribe operates out of Canada. In addition to offering a mature legal system, Canadian laws do not mandate that VPN providers log any data. Windscribe has also permanently engaged a top legal firm for privacy considerations and opinions.

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